"Violence against women has many faces, many forms and many effects. This tribute brings together the women I have portrayed here who, each with a different story, have in common the fight against violence against women. May this fight one day come to an end. On that day, we will all be bigger and better as individuals and as a society." by visual artist Gladson Targa






















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    In this image are the women: Marcia Tiburi, Preta Ferreira, Olga Benário, Barbara Querino (Babiy), Margarida Alves, Patria Mercedes Mirabal, Minerva Argentina Mirabal, Antonia María Teresa Mirabal, Marielle Franco, Fernanda Montenegro, Maria da Penha, Isa Penna, Carmen Ferreira, Dilma Rousseff, Maria do Rosário, Marta Vieira da Silva, Manuela D´Avila, Sabrina Bittencourt, Frida Kahlo.

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    [memory of some of the projects developed in the last years of life by Sabrina Bittencourt and her team]





    São Paulo, Brazil


    Mentoring · November 2017

    WILBrasil and Waterlution Foundation are forever grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by Sabrina Bittencourt when she joined us as a Mentor for WILBrasil 2017. Sabrina made a tremendous impact on us all with her incredible ability and commitment to provoke, encourage and support positive change-making in the world. Her presence and passion continue on.


    Mentoring to young entrepreneurs

    For water startups in São Paulo, Brazil for the Waterlution Foundation, from Canada

    Mentoring to the French entrepreneur Gaspard Durieux, from NuSens

    (Low-cost sensor for water quality analysis)

    January 2018

    Interview for French TV




    Women & Technology

    FemTalent.cat, Barcelona


    Member of the Advising Counsel for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Science and Innovation

    Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalunya

    Note of condolence by Federal Deputy Benedita da Silva, of Brazil on the death of Sabrina Bittencourt

    February 2019

    Testimony of Josep Piqué - Barcelona

    President of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation & TechNova LaSalle

    April 2018

  • Sabrina Bittencourt receiving the

    Honoris Causa Doctorate for the 20 year celebration of the UNESCO Cathedra in Barcelona

    November 2016, celebrating among social activists, artists, the ambassadress of Brazil, researchers, teacher and scientists



    Human Rights



    Program of support to girls and women H & LGBTIQ+

    Sabrina Bittencourt

    receiving the Special 10 year anniversary Prize of FemTalent – World Wide Women

    Barcelona, marzo 2018




    Social Enterprises​




    Prize at Shark Tank (Sony) to

    Dr. Rocío Gutiérrez - México, 2016

    Co-founder of Dilo en Señas (Sign-Language made easy)

    Testimony of Dr. Rocío Gutiérrez – Information Systems Engineer & Dr. in Inclusive Education

    México, 2016












    Mentoring · Advisor

    Crowdfundig Campaigns · Seed Capital


    Micromentor · Startup Weekend · Socialab

    Lab del Futuro · Camp Posible 2015 · MIT · Standford University

    University of Monterrey · UPC/Barcelona · USP/São Paulo


    Academic Audience

    Testimony of Tatiana Petrone

    Head of Micro Mentor – Latin America

    Seed Capital + Mentoring

    Ecoplaso Mexico

    “We earned 1 out of the 50 spots worldwide in MIT to potentiate “Ecoplaso”, which is a project that proposes alternatives to the use of leather and plastics.”

    ecoplaso México

    Seed Capital + Advertising Support


    “We are going to inspire more than 10,000 university students to design innovative solutions to social problems in more than 15 campus in the State of Jalisco.”


    Seed Capital - Crowdfunding

    “Help change a life! You can make the life of a differently abled child easier, with your support we are able to build and donate cutlery that stimulates their independence”



    Seed Capital - Crowdfunding

    “The world of technology is spearheaded by men, and we want to change it. Technology as a tool for girls and women to achieve their dreams!”

    Seed Capital + Crowdfunding

    “Binding scientific research to social commitment to link low-cost/high-functionality technologies to people with disabilities”


    Seed Capital - Crowdfunding

    “Customizable wheelchairs through parts-swapping that adapt to the disability, economic background and necessities of the user.”



    Mentoring - Mexico 2015



    Jóvenes Transformadores (Young World-Shapers)

    Latin America & Spain


    Creation of the first Course on Exponential Technologies, Social Innovation & Arts for youths from 14 to 20 years old

    + 15.000 participants between 2016-2018


    Training & Artistic intervention to 1000 teachers from the Educem education network

    México 2017


    Jóvenes Transformadores at the Forbes special edition

    México 2016

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    The Councillors of the Federal Council, on behalf of the Brazilian Lawyers Association, come with this note to deeply regret the death of the social activist Sabrina Bittencourt, who dedicated her life to the fight for Human Rights and in particular to combating all forms of violence against women.

    Despite her short life, Sabrina left a legacy with her story: a woman who transformed the pain of the rapes she suffered in her childhood into the strength needed to help other victims.

    Sabrina dedicated her life to humanitarian causes, and worked in the search for missing children in Brazil, in support of blind and deaf children in African countries, and in defense of indigenous people.

    She was one of the founders of the COAME movement - (Fighting Abuse in the Spiritual Context), which aims to focus on the denunciation of sexual violations committed by priests, pastors, gurus and spiritual leaders in general.

    Unanimously elected in 2007 to a position on the board of Partners of the Americas, one of the world's leading volunteer organizations, she was one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship that seeks to enable the social sector to be self-sustaining.

    In a country where human rights are violated in the light of day and an average of 164 violations are officially recorded every day, it is necessary to celebrate the life and mourn the death of women like Sabrina. May we, like her, transform the pain, now of her so early departure, into strength to continue her struggles, necessary for us to dream of a more just and egalitarian society.



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